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Worthing Physiotherapists Matt Shaw and Nick Harris make changes to Patients Care

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Bringing NHS care to the comfort of patients laptops and mobile phones…
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Worthing Physiotherapy Physical Revolution “spotlight interview” with success story Liz Greenhalgh

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Here is a spotlight interview with one of our success stories Liz Greenhalgh.  Liz has smashed barriers and broken the cycle of longstanding back pain to the point where she is now about to enter her first half marathon ! Read on to discover how she tackled longstanding back pain with the Worthing Physiotherapy team read more…


Physical Revolution Physiotherapy Worthing talk injury prevention

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Spheres of movement and injury prevention – increase your sphere of movement and lower your injury risk…. read more…


Worthing Physiotherapist seeks public opinion on back pain

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Matt Shaw physiotherapist in Worthing seeks local public opinion of Physiotherapy.

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What is a Revolutionary?

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Albert Camus

What is physical revolution and what has revolution got anything to do with an injury prevention and physiotherapy service in Worthing? read more…