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Spheres of movement and injury prevention – increase your sphere of movement and lower your injury risk….




We are all born with a sphere of movement – as we learn to crawl, kneel, walk and explore our environment we increase the size of this sphere of movement. As we reach our teens and engage in more and varied sports our spheres of movement increase further in size. Some of us engage in specific gym based strengthening, body awareness and mobility exercises to complement our sports and our spheres increase further still…BUT then we start work and some of us are subjected to seated or sustained postures for several hours a day. Unfortunately our sphere of movement shrinks a little – tissues in our body become used to sustained postures – as such they become tighter in these positions. We put on a little weight – our sphere of movement becomes a little more restricted – our joints are unable to enjoy the mobility they had previously due to the increase in weight. We cease playing the sports we once played – our sphere of movement shrinks a little more. We have less time for our gym mobility, body awareness or strengthening – our sphere of movement shrinks further. We get injured and become less active – our sphere shrinks again because we cannot explore the same movements – then one day we get up and something as trivial as putting on our shoes becomes difficult or we twist a little awkwardly and injure our backs.


“How did I injure my back simply reaching for something off the top shelf or picking up a bag of compost?” well it’s not the action that caused the problem – it’s the fact that over time your sphere of movement has been slowly shrinking and ebbing away. Life will constantly try and shrink your sphere of movement – the key is to try and 1. Maintain the sphere of movement you have got. 2. Work around injuries to maintain your sphere of movement 3. Never bully your body back into a bigger sphere of movement that you previously had – you have to tease the body back to a larger sphere of movement with carefully planned rehabilitation or exercise


The diagram below shows how we become injured


B was our original sphere. A is our new sphere which has shrunk due to the reasons outlined above. We attempt the things that fall outside of our new sphere and we become injured – the key is to ensure that our sphere of movement is at point B before we engage in those activities outside of sphere A.

Are you gradually increasing your sphere of movement? Are you maintaining it? Are you ensuring that the movements you do are correct? Have you got the necessary body awareness, strength and mobility (flexibility) to underpin the task that you are trying to perform – whether that is a fitness pursuit or something as simple as loading up your car to go on holiday?


At Physical Revolution Worthing Physiotherapy we look at our patient’s ability to control their body in the spheres of movement they are asking them to perform every day. We use sets of tests that screen their body’s capability within its limits – to highlight potential injury risk or to identify the root causes of pain.

Be Revolutionary

Keep moving, maintain variety in what you do, adopt the “little and often” mantra – meticulously planned progression is better than driving with your pedal to the floor all the time.




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