What is a Revolutionary?

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Albert Camus

What is physical revolution and what has revolution got anything to do with an injury prevention and physiotherapy service in Worthing?

Lucky enough to have studied French and German at Durham university prior to embarking upon a career as a Physiotherapist;  my adolescent years consisted of burying my head in French and German literature and consuming the cultural history of both countries.  To this day, one author has remained at the forefront of my mind and his name is Albert Camus – the original revolutionary, Nobel Prize winning literary master and founder of the “Revolutionary Union Movement”

His revolution was to promote positivity in the face of adversity which went against the grain of the typical views of the famed existentialists of his time (Jean Paul Sartre)… even in death Camus wrote of hope (La Peste “the Plague”). His ultimate revolutionary piece: “les Justes” (The Just) – details the moral dilemma of the revolutionary – does he/she continue with the status quo or do they have the courage to say no but in doing so risk losing everything including ultimately and poetically their own lives for the cause?

Physical Revolution Ltd. is a show of strength, a source of reliable evidence based information with a moral integrity to promote the truth about sports injury and sporting performance; this we guarantee. Join the Revolution; become Revolutionary.

Matt Shaw


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