Worthing Physio team at Physical Revolution talk “Healthy shoulders for life”.

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Worthing Physiotherapy team create a bespoke shoulder injury prevention class that draws upon 15+ years of clinical experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries….

Will King a shoulder (ESP) Specialist has created, in conjunction with Matt Shaw physio, a shoulder injury prevention program that aims to keep you; the Revolutionary athlete, liberated from shoulder niggles throughout your journey toward a long and healthy life.

Neck and shoulder pain is one of the commonest musculo-skeletal disorders to affect today’s workforce (Larsson et al. 2007). Possible causes for which have been linked to a more sedentary workforce with an increasing number of desk based work behind computer screens.  Studies examining Danish computer users found that the incidence of more than 7 days of persistent neck-shoulder pain among this cohort, was as high as 45%, the majority of whom were female.

We believe the best way for you to remain injury free is to teach you first and foremost about the anatomy of your shoulder; it’s relationship to the neck and the thoracic spine (mid back) and how the traditional concept of the “core” musculature ties in to the future health of your shoulders. We use the Physical Revolution screen to create a detailed map of how you move your body, highlighting potential injury threats to the shoulder complex due to weak links in your chain. We will teach you all about the rotator cuff (the important muscles around the head of the shoulder that are responsible for centering the shoulder in the socket), the scapula or shoulder blade and it’s importance in maintaining equal stress to muscles around the shoulder and the implications of stiff shoulder blades and their poor control.


“Looking for somewhere to hang your hat”?

If you have suffered with shoulder injury or simply want to ensure you maintain “Healthy shoulders for life” send us an e mail: info@physicalrevolution.co.uk for more information or if you wish to attend our free seminar at the Physical Revolution studio on Saturday 22nd february at 13:00.


Stay healthy, stay injury free…Join the Revolution !


Physical Revolution Physiotherapy team.

This course is invaluable to anybody who has suffered with shoulder pain


Larsson, B. Sogaard, K.  Rosendal, L (2007). Work related neck-shoulder pain: a review on magnitude, risk factors, biochemical characteristics, clinical picture and preventive interventions. Best practice and research clinical Rheumatology. vol 21. no.3. 447-463.


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