Worthing Physiotherapy team at Physical Revolution explain how to run faster for longer – Part 1 – i) Foot position at ground contact.

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In this first part of a series of blogs designed at helping you beat your previous times for marathons, half marathons, triathlons or even ultramarathons, the Worthing Physiotherapy team at Physical Revolution concentrate firstly on the importance of your foot position when running.

Why should i care about the position of my foot on the floor?
Well firstly it could be the cause of some of those pains you are experiencing in your feet (plantar fasciitis for example), shins (“shin splints”), calves or knees. It could even be the cause of your lower back pain

shin pain(1)For example take a look at the first picture and compare it to the second picture. Look at the amount that the right foot “folds” inwards. Effectively with every running step, his foot is crashing inwards and the muscles at the back of the lower leg (inlcluding tibialis posterior) have to work very hard to control this collapse – sometimes leading to what we often hear described as “shin splints”. This is an overuse injury to the muscles at the back of the lower leg, which are being asked to work excessively to control the foot position.







shin pain(1)After a session with the team, we have managed to stabilise the foot such that this gentleman now has a stable platform from which to generate forward momentum – resolving his pain and potentially decreasing his running time….and no it’s not just a simple arch support that was used !





In the next BLOG the Worthing physio team at Physical Revolution talk about the forefoot versus rearfoot strike debate and some handy tips on how to work on your technique at foot strike during running….


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